Mathable board game is now adapted for iPads

(NC)-You know how sometimes while going about your daily business you're suddenly blessed with a moment of inspiration? A great idea comes to you from out of nowhere, you tell yourself you'll write it down, inevitably don't, and later when you're trying to remember this grand idea you had, it's completely vanished from your psyche. Well, Francois Robillard is a perfect example of why you should stop and make more than just a mental note of these flashes of brilliance.

In the 1980s, Robillard, a Montreal-based college professor, was up at his cottage one night enjoying a drink, doodling with a few math equations for fun, when the Eureka moment that birthed Mathable, a board game that's since gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of units worldwide, abruptly popped in to his head. "I started playing it with my wife, altering it here and there, and by the end of the night I'd created this highly addictive math game," he recalls. "It was simple as that."

Before you could say "two plus two equals four", Robillard had licensed his game to a local toy manufacturer and over the course of the next two decades it became a must have item for people all over the world. "It was super easy game to sell," he explains. "Everybody immediately recognized just how much fun it was-and it is great exercise for the brain, really educational."

To play the original board game, think of Scrabble, but using numbers instead of letters. The new game challenges players to use basic math equations to score points using the numbers provided to them throughout the game. You need to employ superior logic and strategy to win.

Now an app

A recent partnership between Robillard and Montreal's Wooky Entertainment, has now produced a version of Mathable for your Ipad. Downloadable from iTunes, the digital version of the game has many new features.

Variations of the Mathable game include: Mathable Dominos, which uses domino tiles, Mathable Quattro, which provides cards for game play and Mathable Jr, which enables kids as young as five to play and develop their logic and math skills in a fresh, new way.

So who would have known all this fun would begin with a few math doodles one night at a cottage in the Laurentien mountains?

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