Five Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in the Summer

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People are always asking what the best time of year to list their home is. Simply put, the best time is when you’re ready to make the move. That being said, thirty to forty percent of homes are sold during the summer months.


Why are so many homes being sold in the summer time? I’ve compiled some great reasons to get you thinking about selling your home this season.

 Curb appeal and your yard

Potential buyers will get a first impression of your home as soon as they drive up to it.  What better time of year to showcase your property than when the lawn is mowed, the trees are green, and the flowers are blooming?


As long as the exterior of your home is well maintained, showcasing your yard, deck and garden will help buyers picture themselves enjoying these spaces during the hot summer months.


 Families move in the summer

It’s a lot easier for families to move during the summer time as the kids are out of school and it gives the family more time during the summer break to get adjusted to their new homes. 


Since school kicks off in September, many families want to be moved in and settled prior to the start of fall. For those of you with a house, this means a better chance of selling if you’re listing a family-sized home.

 You will have more time

The summertime benefits from having the most long weekends of the year, giving you more time to focus on preparation of your home such as any small renovations you might need to complete in order to get your home looking its best.


Also, since the days are longer it seems a bit easier to fit in extra projects that may increase the resale value of your home. Longer days also mean the added flexibility of showing your home in the evening when it’s still bright out. Most buyers prefer to go see properties after work during the week if possible. It’s easier to do that in the summer vs the winter.


Buyers are getting serious

Most people start their house hunt in the spring, feeling like they have plenty of time to get the perfect home. However, by the time June rolls around, these buyers are starting to feel the pressure of finding a property before school starts, the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn.


Therefore, most buyers turn things up a notch and tend to get more serious and aggressive about purchasing a property at this time.

More buyers in the market

For many buyers, summer is the time to move, especially in Edmonton with the winter months being so cold.


With there being a larger pool of buyers because of the weather and all the other previously mentioned factors, that means there’s probably a better chance of your home selling.



If you’re considering selling but have been thinking of waiting until after the summer season – think again. There are plenty of reasons to sell while the sun is out, the grass is green and your property looks its best!


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