5 Signs its time to look for a new home

Let’s face it, no one enjoys moving. But whether you’ve been in your house twenty years or only two, sometimes it’s necessary to move on to a new place.


Once your private oasis no longer feels like a place of relaxation where you can kick up your feet at the end of the day, it may be time to consider your options. If you’re on the fence about moving, here are a few signs that now may be the right time to start looking for a new home.

You’ve outgrown the space

When you first purchased your home, the space may have been just what you needed then. Since then, perhaps your family has grown in size and now more rooms are necessary. Perhaps your kids have finally flown the coop and you no longer want to clean such a large space. Whatever the situation, your existing home is no longer what you need.

You no longer love your home

When you first moved into your home, there was a slight love affair happening where you couldn’t imagine moving, am I right? Well, if that has started to change over time, you may have to consider the why behind that change in heart. Are there repairs that are costing you money and taking up too much time? Or perhaps you are no longer smitten with the interior colours and features of the home – either way, there is only so much Pinterest-surfing you can do before you realize you are no longer in love with your digs.


Money, money, money!

Last but not least: money. If you’re thinking about taking on renovations and repairs to make your current home fit your needs, that may work, but will you see a future return on investment? Alternatively, maybe you have a lot of equity in your current home and are thinking of downsizing to save money – regardless, now is the time to take a look at your financial position and decide what will make the most sense for your family down the road.

You don’t jive with your neighbourhood (or neighbours!)

Does it feel like you are 20 minutes away from every grocery store, bank and mall? Have all your old neighbours that you once got along with famously moved away? Or perhaps they’ve started construction on a new development close by that’s interrupting the serene views you once had. Ask yourself whether your current living situation fits your lifestyle. If the answer is “no”, it’s time to move on.  

The location is not ideal

If your neighbourhood is on the decline, this should be an easy decision. Similarly, if the commute to work everyday has turned you into the hulk as you get bogged down by traffic, you may want to consider a neighbourhood that allows you to feel safe and have more time to do the things you love, such as binge-watch Netflix.



How did you know it was time for a new home? Share your stories and experiences with me below in the comments!


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